We’ve been quiet on the blog front for a wee while… because we’ve been working flat out on our live pilot test site at Scottish Water’s Bo’ness Development Centre here in Scotland.

We are testing for a wide range of parameters and really putting our CleanAquaForEveryone through its paces. The system is using final effluent, and we’re testing to see what is in the effluent and what we can remove. This is a live sewage treatment plant, so it’s a great opportunity for us to really put CAFE to the test!

CAFE on site at Bo’ness Development Centre

Opportunities for CAFE

These tests – and working with final effluent rather than ground or surface water – will demonstrate how close to drinking water we can get from such a contaminated source, but also show us what other opportunities we can develop for the CleanAquaForEveryone.

For example, as well as to treat water for drinking standards, CAFE could be used as a tertiary  treatment for effluent Рmaking the effluent much cleaner prior to discharge, and helping to improve the marine environment into which the effluent ends up.


So far, so good: we moved in in one day, and we were up and running within hours – a true reflection of our aims to be a ‘plug and play’ solution.

Our preliminary results from the first few weeks are outstanding.

Keep checking back to see on our progress.

Trial partly funded and supported from our UnlockingAmbition grant :)