The Clean Aqua For Everyone (CAFE) Water Filter System

The water filter that is long lasting, durable, sustainable & delivers drinking water that is in line with EU Directives

We’ve seen an abundance of water technology graveyards: well-intended projects, often with great technology, but tech that often fails within weeks when put into to rural and peri-urban communities across Asia and Africa.

Our CAFE water treatment system:

is a low cost gravity flow filter system

uses next to no energy or chemicals

makes short work of arsenic, parasites & bacteria

has a life span of more than 30 years

delivers clean, wholesome water

is a long term solution for communities

CAFE water filter cross section 700px

Key points:

  • Size: 1m diameter x 4m height
  • Filter rate: up to 2m3/hr
  • Maintenance: virtually none
  • Moving parts: only the pump, which requires approx. 250 watts; there are no valves
  • Installation time: 1 day
  • Cost: < £10,000
  • Output: Drinking water ca. 1,000 people
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Transportable: Yes

The CAFE water treatment system delivers clean, safe water for rural & peri-urban communities.