Mansi Jasuja

Expert adviser: International Partnerships

Commenting on advising the Clean Water Wave team Mansi said:

Growing up in the crazily populated city of Delhi and having lived now for almost half of my life in the Netherlands,  I’ve dealt with both the scenarios of too little water and too much water. I have been working since many years on capacity building, leadership training, building intercultural and multi-sectoral connections amongst urban and infrastructure (especially water) professionals.

My passion and core expertise is to build these connections and inspire stakeholders at all levels, particularly youth. In 2016, I helped set up a mentorship program in partnership with the Royal Dutch Water Network since I had felt a need for bridging some skills gaps in the sector and to help in knowledge and skills transfer between young water professionals. The issues I’ve worked with have ranged from all sorts of urban challenges such as land, housing, microfinance, infrastructure to specifically water related challenges such as water and sanitation, water resilience for cities with respect to climate change.

I really enjoy working with people and bringing concepts, people and organisations together, co-creating solutions and consensus. However, one of my goals has been to help contribute in tangible positive impact on the ground amongst communities and grassroots. An opportunity to be involved with Clean Water Wave really satisfies that need for me and I find the mission of CWW a valuable goal to strive for. To add to this is of course my trust and respect for the CWW team who are amazing & authentic in their beliefs and vision to bring about real change. This is a very important basis to work together.