Dr. Stephanie Terreni Brown

Managing Director

Stephanie holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, an MSc from the University of Oxford, and her research explored small-scale water and sanitation infrastructures & the relationship with the communities the technology is meant to serve.

Previous to managing Clean Water Wave, Stephanie was a Research Fellow at the Centre of African Studies at Edinburgh University, and has worked as a management consultant for a large corporate, where she was involved in developing the skills and education strategy as part of the Belt and Road Initiative for a key project in South Asia.

Her PhD was an in-depth analysis of toilets and toileting methods in Uganda, and she engaged with policymakers and worked directly with a number of community-based organisations engaged in WATSAN and education in east and southern Africa.

Since leaving academia, Stephanie has subsequently built up a portfolio of project management experience with CBOs, NGOs, and corporates, and has considerable experience working across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. She has recently been nominated as a Fellow of the RSA.