Dr. Howard Dryden

Chief Technical Officer

Howard is the founder of Dryden Aqua Ltd and a marine biologist from Edinburgh.

The company was founded from his PhD research on molecular sieve ion exchange zeolitic sand filtration systems for closed system aquaculture and development of intensive aquaculture technology. His technology, while developed to improve animal health and protect the aquatic environment, is now being applied in numerous markets where clients demand effective, sustainable solutions to deliver clean, safe water.

Dr. Dryden has unique knowledge and experience of combining biology, chemistry and physical sciences to deliver unique portfolios of integrated technology to address water treatment across the spectrum. He is the inventor of the activated, bio and wormhole channel resistant filter media AFM®.

Dr. Dryden is one of the world`s leading experts in sustainable water treatment and winner of multiple international awards in innovation and sustainability. His services and technologies are in demand across Asia where environmental regulations are now becoming even more stringent than in Europe.