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Clean Water Wave is run by three directors that all have had both personal and professional experience of working in environments where they have witnessed, first hand, the results of inappropriate water and sanitation technologies being deployed in communities and the devastating results.

Each one of us is passionate about making a difference – not only being able to develop technology that can deliver clean & safe drinking water in any geography but technology that is durable and implemented using a business model that generates enterprise and long-term sustainability.

Dr. Stephanie Terreni Brown

Managing Director

Stephanie holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, an MSc from the University of Oxford, and her research explored small-scale water and sanitation infrastructures & the relationship with the communities the technology is meant to serve. Previous to managing Clean Water Wave, Stephanie was a Research Fellow at the Centre of African Studies at Edinburgh University, and has worked as a management consultant for a large corporate, where she was involved in developing the skills and education strategy as part of the Belt and Road Initiative for a key project in South Asia. Her PhD was an in-depth analysis of toilets and toileting methods in Uganda, and she engaged with policymakers and worked directly with a number of community-based organisations engaged in WATSAN and education in east and southern Africa.  Since leaving academia, Stephanie has subsequently built up a portfolio of project management experience with CBOs, NGOs, and corporates, and has considerable experience working across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. She has recently been nominated as a Fellow of the RSA.

Dr. Howard Dryden

Technical Director

Howard is the founder of Dryden Aqua Ltd and a marine biologist from Edinburgh. The company was founded from his PhD research on molecular sieve ion exchange zeolitic sand filtration systems for closed system aquaculture and development of intensive aquaculture technology. His technology, while developed to improve animal health and protect the aquatic environment, is now being applied in numerous markets where clients demand effective, sustainable solutions to deliver clean, safe water. Dr. Dryden has unique knowledge and experience of combining biology, chemistry and physical sciences to deliver unique portfolios of integrated technology to address water treatment across the spectrum. He is the inventor of the activated, bio and wormhole channel resistant filter media AFM®. Dr. Dryden is one of the world`s leading experts in sustainable water treatment and winner of multiple international awards in innovation and sustainability. His services and technologies are in demand across Asia where environmental regulations are now becoming even more stringent than in Europe.

Diane Duncan

Research Director

Diane is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Royal Society for Arts. She wears numerous hats! She is currently employed in the public sector as a senior manager in an economic and community development organisation and works on a part time basis for Clean Water Wave, and is also a Trustee for Water Witness International. She is a specialist in business development and marketing strategy; however, her passion lies in the effective delivery international development and, through her voluntary work, has seen its failings especially where the delivery of safe water is concerned. She has an MBA and will provide Clean Water Wave with company secretary support and, where appropriate, advice on strategy.  She is passionate about delivering better health to communities who are most in need by providing safe clean water and creating genuine job opportunities for those in disadvantaged geographies in developing countries. Through her volunteering and sporting activities, she has developed strong and broad international network of friends and colleagues who are as passionate as she is about ‘doing the right thing’ for the environment and for empowering people through better health and enterprise.