Clean Water Wave are not only committed to bring clean safe water to vulnerable communities that need it most. We believe that clean water is the link to protecting our marine environment and combatting climate change.

A clean ocean is is most effective way to fight climate change.

Thats why we dedicate some of our resources to the GOES Foundation GOESfoundation.com for advocating and promoting the mission and message GOES wants to spread.

For further information on GOES check out some of the links below, and our video of how you can help save plankton too!

GOES brochure               Toxic wave poster               GOES Presentation

Your personal care & cleaning products can help reverse climate change!

More than 70% of our oxygen is produced by tiny plants in the worlds oceans. These plants are called plankton and they are also responsible from removing 50% of our carbon dioxide. But we’ve lost half of them in the last 40 years!

The chemicals contained in many of the personal care and cleaning products bought for the home are toxic to plankton. Many of us only associate toxic chemicals with heavy, dirty  industries,  but GOES Founder Dr Dryden has seen a teaspoon of detergent added to aquarium water kill almost everything.

“If we stop and look at the products we buy, and start asking ourselves if it is coral , plankton or ocean safe, then it is probably okay to buy.  The good news is that we can all throw ourselves and the ocean a lifeline.  Women could save the day and vote with their weekly shop.  It is women who I think will take the lead and make the urgent change in our buying behaviours.”