The Method

We blend advanced technology with robust engineering, to transform polluted ground and surface water into clean water, safe for consumption and discharge.

Our Clean Aqua for Everyone (CAFE) Water Filter range is your answer for very low energy, decentralized treatment of unsafe water.

The Mission

We have spent 30 years, working on the ground, assembling the minds, developing the model and creating the method to enable clean water to be accessed by everyone, everywhere. For us, no matter who you are or where you live, you have the right to access clean and safe drinking water.

This is something we fundamentally believe in.

2 billion

people use a source of drinking-water contaminated with faeces.

Our Mission

is to enable 10 million people to access clean, safe water within 10 years.


children are dying every hour from drinking dirty water.

The Model

Our unique business model directly improves lives. We use all profits from selling to commercial partners, to fund installation of CAFE systems into communities who need them most.

When you invest in our system you are also investing in systems for people in danger around the world.

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The Minds

We are a group of pioneers, scientists, philanthropists, economists and storytellers challenging the way clean water is provided globally.

Internationally recognised in our fields, each member of the team has hands on experience of working in the field and has helped to develop our technology.

Together, we have the scientific, technical, commercial and critical community engagement skills to deliver and make the Clean Water Wave mission a reality.

Support and Funders

We are pleased to have won grant support from Climate KIC, the EU’s main initiative for climate innovation. Climate-KIC Accelerator is a programme for start-ups like us that have climate impact & cleantech commercialisation at the heart of their business. The Accelerator programme we are on is based at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), which is part of the University of Edinburgh.


We are lucky enough to have some amazing partners who help make our work a reality.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Other Work

Clean Water Wave are not only committed to bring clean safe water to vulnerable communities that need it most.